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I just got back from a 3-day seminar (semi-vacay according to Dino).  I wanted to blog while I was in Iloilo but I just couldn’t find the time.  The seminar was an 8-to-5 affair and my hubby had made plans how we were going to spend the rest of the day after my seminar.  On the first day, we went to visit the wake of his college friend’s dad in a town about an hour away from Iloilo.  This town is kinda famous for witching (have you heard of Dueñas?) and we were traveling at night and the roads were so dark so it was kind of spooky.  Good thing we were with another friend who talked non-stop along the way.  The next day, we had dinner with my cousin and her hubby, and we went out afterwards so I couldn’t blog again. 😦  Friday night was spent at my in-laws’ place since it was my father-in-law’s birthday.  The next day I went home to Bacolod na. 

While I was in the seminar I wanted to blog about a lot of things.  I actually wrote some entries (literally wrote in long hand), but I didn’t get to finish them so I’ll just write about what I can remember during the seminar.

When I got to the venue Wednesday morning, I thought I was already late, but since Filipino time is still the norm, we started thirty minutes late.  I wonder why people always choose the last rows whenever they go to an assembly or a meeting or a seminar or any event where seats are arranged in rows.  When I arrived, the last three rows at the back were already filled while the front rows were empty.  I guess people still have that mentality that they don’t want to be called on, especially during a seminar where they hardly know anybody.  Anyway, I sat on the third row from the front. 🙂

As I was going over the seminar materials, two ladies came and sat beside me.  I told them that only one seat was availabe because there were already two other guys seated on our table.  But they didn’t want to sit apart and so they pulled another chair and squashed themselves into our already full table. Grrr!  Some people talaga….

When the opening program finally started, I was even more irritated with the one who gave the opening remarks.  She was so unprepared and couldn’t think of anything to say that she greeted us Happy New Year!  Aaaarrggghhh!  Happy New Year?!?  It’s already February!  This Wednesday is already Ash Wednesday!  Holy Week will be here soon and you’re greeting us Happy New Year?!?  I thought I was surely going to be in another worthless seminar.  Good thing the speakers were nothing like the opening remarker.  Although the concepts discussed were nothing new to me, I still learned a lot.  I guess anything can be an opportunity for learning if we just keep a open mind.

All in all, the trip to Iloilo was fun, interesting, and a good break for me.  Of course, there were a lot of touching-touching (see Jher’s comment)! 😉  Now, I’m back to the daily grind of the office. 😦  At least, I can now blog anytime.


I will be going to Iloilo tomorrow for a 3-day seminar.  I gladly welcome this break as this means three nights of uninterrupted sleep (my four month old still wakes up in the middle of the night for a feeding) and I can stay out as late as I want.  I can also spend some QT with hubby, without my terrible two interrupting our cuddling session because he wants to be cuddled, too. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids terribly, and I enjoy every minute I spend with them.  But sometimes, I just want to be by myself.  I want to take a break from being a mom so I can just be me. 

Although I won’t really be going on vacation as this seminar is still related to my job, I am glad to be able to get out of the office, meet new people, exchange ideas, and do something different for a change.  Of course, it helps that my hubby will be in Iloilo, too, since its part of his area.

Granted, I will miss my kids, but I’ve been missing myself too long, so this is just the right opportunity to recharge and get in touch with me.

Here are photos of my Nike trainers.  The resolution is not so good because I used my hubby’s phone lang.  My camera is still being repaired.




My hubby thinks I’m crazy, taking pictures of my shoes! Haha! When I told him it was for my blog, he thinks I’ve gone totally nuts.  Well, this is fun for me.  He has his pets and I have my blog. hehe 🙂  To each his own…

Is it possible to love the kind of work you do, but hate your workplace?  I guess so, because that’s just how I feel about my job right now.  When I came to work today, and started doing my tasks, I just thought that if I only had my way in this workplace, I would certainly change a lot of things.  I don’t want to go on and on complaining about this when I know I should be doing something.  I do try, at every opportunity that comes, to make people see how desperately we need to change the way things are being done in this place. 

I was asking a colleague earlier this morning how she has managed to stay here for 20 years.  She couldn’t answer the question.  It just frustrates me that some people do not see the need for change.

I have always been open to change.  I like trying out new ways of doing things.  I believe that by experiencing changes, we can learn more and grow more professionally.  But the people I work with are just so used to their way of doing things and are just downright scared of change that they refuse to even consider the idea of trying out new things.

I remember a professor of mine in grad school told me that I shouldn’t be too idealistic, that I’m still young and that I will have my time.  I guess I am too idealistic.  But what a shame it would be if we totally lose our idealism and we become cynical and jaded about life.  I don’t want to end up like that.

I just hate it when people don’t do their jobs right and come up with mediocre work.  What’s even worse is that the bosses don’t seem to mind that their underlings can’t do things right the first time.  This means that there will always be a waste of time, money and effort because the job will have to be done all over again.  I work in a place where a culture of mediocrity pervades.  People are happy with half-baked jobs, and for them, average is good enough.  Well, it’s not good enough for me.  I was never brought up in a culture of mediocrity.  I have always tried to do my best in everything that I do, believing that anything that is worth doing is worth doing well, or not at all.  It just frustrates me no end that I am stuck in this hellhole (which some people here think is heaven, by the way). 

You might wonder why do I stay even if I’m not happy in this place anymore.  First of all, I’m stuck in the province where jobs are scarce.  The opportunities for my field are in Manila – and I don’t want to leave my family behind or transfer them there.  Second, my line of work is too specialized and I don’t want to work in a field which is not directly related to the course I took.  Third, maybe I still have this idealistic (and crazy) notion that I can make a difference here.  Maybe I am, in my own little way.  In the meantime, I will cuss and complain and blog about my work because it makes me feel good! And because this is the quickest (and safest, I guess) way for me to blow off steam.  So there…now I can get on with my work.

I believe that in order to raise healthy kids, we must teach them how to eat healthy at a young age.  So when I tell friends that my toddler eats ampalaya, squash, broccoli, mangoes, bananas, and apples more than he eats sweets, they think I’m being too much of a health freak.  After all, most kids nowadays rarely eat vegetables and fruits and prefer candies to carrot sticks for snacks. 

Yesterday, I saw a colleague give softdrinks to his 1-year old.  And everyone in the office (except me) was saying how cute the little girl looked while sipping her Coke – and she finished the whole 8 oz. bottle!  I didn’t say anything, of course.  I wouldn’t want to intrude on how other parents bring up their children.  In the first place, I don’t want anyone to give me unsolicited advice on how I should raise my kids.

But, I just thought that young children, especially those whose teeth are just developing, shouldn’t be allowed to drink soft drinks (nothing healthy in it whatsoever) or be given too much sweets.  If they are given sweets at a young age, they will acquire a taste for sweet food – and this is not particularly healthy.  This could even be a cause for diabetes.

When my son was a baby, I used to give him kalamansi juice everyday – half a fruit squeezed into 3 ounces of water – without any sugar!  My mom would tell me to put even just a pinch, but my dad argued that he wouldn’t know the difference anyway, so why expose him too early to sweets?  Now, as a toddler he loves to drink kalamansi juice (which he calls kalamfi, by the way) and even if you put a Coke bottle in front of him, he wouldn’t touch it.  One day, my mom’s attendant told me that while she was drinking Coke, Enzo told her “Ma drink si Enzo juice lang, kay indi nami ang Coke” (Enzo will drink juice only because Coke is not good).  I believe that what I teach my son now, even if he’s only 2 and a half, will stay in his young mind.  And because actions speak louder than words, my husband and I don’t drink Coke, too.  After all, we have to set a good example for the little ones.  Ang sabi nga nila, “Sa mata ng bata, ang mali nagiging tama pag ginagawa ng matanda.” 

Being a parent is not easy.  Our schools teach us how to be good doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, or professionals, but they don’t teach us how to be good parents.  No school curriculum includes Parenting 101.  But I just hope (and pray!) that I can always be a good example to my kids, not just in what I say, but most especially in what I do.

No, this is not a post-Valentine post.  I am not going to write a ten-reasons-why-I-love-my-hubby post.  There’s nothing much to write about my V-day, anyway.  We don’t usually go out because we don’t want to join the hordes of lovers going out on that day (and having to endure bad service, exorbitant prices, waiting for a decent table, and getting stressed out in the process).  Instead, we went about our usual activities as if it were any ordinary day. 

Okay, so here’s why I love my hubby…

Yesterday, I saw this really cute Nike trainers at Park in Robinson’s.  I fell in love at first sight!  I’m not really the sporty type, but when the health and fitness bug bit me, I’ve been on the lookout for cute workout gear.  When I saw this pair, I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to try it on and it fit perfectly!

When Hubby saw me pining – and salivating – for it, he popped the question: “Gusto mo?”  I couldn’t help the huge grin that came to my face 😀  I just said, “Yes, I like it a lot! But it’s too expensive for me.”  Then he said, “I will buy it for you.” 

My sensible and practical side was telling me, “that’s TOO expensive, and you just bought a pair of shoes last month.”  On the other hand, my impulsive and extravagant side argued, “He wants to buy it for you.  You don’t have money, but HE does.” Hehe… and so the impulsive and extravagant side of me won. 

I told Hubby, “Will you really buy this for me?”  (said with pa-tweetums voice and pa-cute smile).  I was ecstatic when he said YES.

Mwah!  Thank you, Langga!  I love you for indulging me and for knowing how to make me happy and for making me feel loved and special.

And so I’m now the proud owner of these cute trainers.  (Sorry no photo, can’t upload from phone to PC – something wrong with the PC, I guess.)

I can’t wait to hit the gym! 🙂

I got the following comments to a previous post:

Dino says:

I’ve never been one to brown nose myself ‘coz I find it degrading so, yeah, if that person brown noses AND takes undue credit, you’re up against someone pretty low and…I dunno, good luck with whatever you’re planning but I hope you don’t stoop down an inch to his level. Sometimes knowing you’re doing the right thing and that, at the end of the day, you end up the bigger man– or, in your case, woman– should be enough, but, yeah, there is little place for idealism in the corporate world anyway. So…fight lang kung fight but don’t shed an ounce of dignity )

And ditto on that point you said about blogging. I mean, this isn’t even MY blog and I’ve ended up saying a whole crapload, right? 

Thanks Dino!  Don’t worry, I won’t stoop down to fish vendor’s level. 🙂

Karol says: 

…bwt this post naman, day, u know u’re good and even better than DOG (remember what this means?, hehe). in the end, people will know man na you’re the one who initiated the project. or, y not be frank with him? hehe…esp. kung ara ka sa away mood mo..hehe…kaya mo na ah…pangita bala iban nga ubra! …

I’ve been thinking about this last night and most of the day and I realized that I don’t need to prove anything to people whose abilities are chicken feed compared to mine.  I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I know that I am better than them (thank you, sis, for reminding me).  I have nothing to prove to them.   I know what my capabilities are and I don’t need them to tell me that I can do the job well.  I guess we all need to give ourselves a pat on the back from time to time.  In this dog eat dog world, we should be able to affirm ourselves first before we can affirm others.

For now, this is my motto:  Do what you want and say what you will, because the people who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 🙂 


Evie turns 4 months today.  To mark her fourth month, she decided to sleep most of yesterday away and was awake until 3 this morning.  I only got about 5 hours of sleep and I’m just grateful that her yaya was kind enough to rescue me from another sleepless night. 

At four months, my baby girl can carry her head pretty well.  Oftentimes, she refuses to be carried in a sleeping position and wants to be held sitting.  When placed on her stomach, she would wriggle and struggle to move forward (ala crawling).  She can easily turn on her back and back on her stomach.  I’m amazed at how fast she is growing because Enzo, at her age, was not as active.  I guess there is some truth to the notion that girls develop much faster than boys. 

Evie also interacts with all of us at home.  She smiles and coos when we talk to her, and most especially when her Daddy plays with her.  She never fails to bring a smile to Nanay. 

I’m just so happy with my baby girl.  She is truly God’s gift to us because she came at a time when everyone in the family was sad because of what happened to Nanay.  I just pray that God will continue to bless Evie so that she will grow up to be a wonderful girl.

Mwah! Love you, Eviegurl!

my baby evie

my font has changed from verdana to times new roman… and i don’t like it! will somebody please teach me how to get back to my old font? 😦 pretty please…

I’ve been itching to blog since this morning but I can’t connect to  I don’t know what’s wrong.  Is the site really down or have I been firewalled by our techie people at work?  I just hope it’s the former and not the latter.  So here I am, typing my post in Word.  I’ll just transfer this to my blog when I get home. (Finally, I got into wordpress, but I’m not editing the post I started in Word.)


I was talking to a friend this morning who also started a blog recently, through Friendster.  I asked her why she hasn’t updated her blog anymore and she said she doesn’t have anything to write about.  She said most of my posts (in my Friendster blog) are puro reklamo – ouch! – and she thinks there should be something more.  Well, for me, the reason why I blog is so that I can rant and rave.  I lose my temper very quickly when I’m angry, frustrated, irritated.  I’m so impatient that I easily flare up and end up saying things I regret.  Well, this (blogging) is one way for me to let go of all these emotions, instead of letting it all out on the person/s who irk me (most of them have no idea what a blog is, anyway). 


Anyway, this is another rant and rave post… but who cares?  I blog for myself, first and foremost.  If people read my blog and agree or disagree with me, I respect their opinion.  I’ve read a lot of verbal tussles over blogs and I don’t want to engage in that with someone I can’t see.  Besides, I’m not being paid to blog, the food on my table doesn’t depend on how many hits I get, I will rant and rave when I want to, on anything that I want to rant and rave about.


Okay, so here’s my rant-and-rave-post-for-the-day:  I’m so pissed off with people who, because they have no abilities and can’t get recognized on their own, will pass on the work of other talented people as theirs and will take credit for what they didn’t actually make.  I work in a place where people get appreciated and recognized not for what they know, but for who they know.  Sounds familiar?  There are just too many people out there who have no abilities except the ability to get on the good side of the boss (i.e., sipsip) and they become really good at it.  I’m irritated, pissed, mad as hell!  If this is the way the game is to be played, then I’m gonna have to learn how to beat them at their own game.  Although sucking up to the bosses is really not my style.  I know I don’t need to be sipsip because I have the capability to get the job done.  But I think I am at the losing end if I go on with this style.  I don’t know, though, if I can stomach kissing the boss’ ass just so I get the appreciation and recognition I rightly deserve.

Oh well, does the boss’ opinion really matter?  In the long run, I guess not.  I don’t really value his opinion, anyway.  I guess it’s really  my ego that has been trampled upon.  After all, I’m just a human being who wants, nay needs, appreciation and affirmation.  I just wish that person who thinks he can get away with getting credit for something which he didn’t do would realize how utterly shameless he is. 

Okay, end of rant… I feel better. I know how I should handle this already.  Two can play this game. As the cliche goes, don’t get mad, get even! There is no point in getting mad anymore, I don’t want to stress myself even more. It’s time to get even. (*evil laugh*)