I finally created my own blog outside of Friendster.  I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, even before there was Friendster.  I just didn’t know enough about blogging then.  Not that I know a lot now, but at least, I’m getting the hang of it, after blog surfing for several weeks.

I thought it’s time that I make my own blog that’s not with friendster because there are limitations to the friendster blog.  For one thing, I found out that I can’t create Archives of my posts.  I have to upgrade to a paid friendster account to do that. (Thanks, but no thanks!)

When I started blogging, I think about a year ago, I basically wrote for myself.  I didn’t know if there were others reading my posts and I didn’t really care if they read them.  I just enjoyed putting my thoughts on the net and it was a good way to de-stress.  Later on, I found out that my friends were actually reading my blog! Hehe… I’ve received emails and text messages asking me to keep on writing because it was a good way for them to be updated about me.  And then when I started blog surfing and posting comments at other people’s blogs, I was even more surprised when they responded to my comments. I also gave them the link to my friendster blog and they have also read my posts.  Now I have found new friends through blogging.  And I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. 🙂

And so… here is my new blog.  A new home for my thoughts, reflections, rants and raves.  This is my space.  Welcome to my world! 🙂