In my Friendster blog I wrote about how I see a lot of myself in Enzo and I can see now that my love for books has been acquired by my son.  At 2 and a half, he would rather read (or more appropriately scan) his books rather than watch TV or play with his toys.  While this is good since I want to raise a reader, this can also put a dent on my pocket. 

Last night, Tatay and Enzo met me at National Book Store since Tatay was too tired to fetch me from work and Dean is still in Iloilo.  As I entered the store, I saw that Enzo was already holding something in his hand.  As I approached them, Tatay told me that Enzo already chose a book he wanted me to buy and it cost P675!  It was actually a set of 5 Winnie the Pooh books about feelings (happy, sad, angry, scared and confused) with an audio CD.  It was very similar to another set of Winnie the Pooh books he already has (ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, and opposites).  When Enzo saw me, he took my hand and pulled me to the cashier, saying “Lakat ta, bayran ta na!” (Let’s go, let’s pay for this.)

I balked at the price because, sad to say, I’m so poor right now! (This calls for another blog post.)  But my Tatay, the loving lolo that he is, couldn’t stand looking at Enzo begging for me to buy the books.  He picked up Enzo and placed the books on the counter and was reaching for his wallet.  I didn’t want Tatay to spend his own money after all the expenses we have for Nanay, so I told him I’d pay for it.  Enzo put me on the spot and I couldn’t wriggle myself out of it!

So to make the long story short, I got held up.  By a 2 year old.