After a 10 day break from working out (because hubby went to Iloilo and I was too lazy to go by myself), I went back to the gym today.  I spent 15 mins on the bike and 20 mins on the Elliptical.  After that, crunches to get rid of my bilbil.  And then I went through my weight training routine for the chest, shoulders, and back.

I’ve lost most of the weight I put on while pregnant, but I think I won’t get abs like JLo – ever. 😦  But! That’s not gonna stop me from working out because I really like the feeling of being fit and trim.  And because I want to be healthy so I could live to see my grandchildren wed.  Besides, exercise is a good stress buster and it’s supposed to improve one’s sex life. 😉  So now, here I am with aching muscles, tired but feeling good.  Must be those endorphins!