It’s my hubby’s bday today! Unlike his other birthdays which we would celebrate by having his and my friends over for a night of beer and conversation, this year’s bday would be spent at home, with the kids.  We really are growing old!  We just plan on hearing mass early this morning and he said he wants to go biking after that.  He’s taking a birthday leave and I will do the same. But mine is going to be a sick leave. Hehe… Now, what will I be sick of?  In the evening, I plan to cook him a meal. I found this recipe in Food Magazine (Roast Chicken with Mango-Kiwi Salsa).  The picture looks so yummy and the recipe seems easy.  I hope I can manage to pull it off.  🙂

Anyway, here are my wishes for Dean, on his bday:

1.  That he gets the promotion he’s been waiting for.  I know he deserves it after all the hard work he’s done the past year.

2.  That he lose more weight (and keep it off!), and that he won’t have to hold his breath to see that six-pack he’s been dreaming of the past year. Hehe.  Go, ga!

3.  That he’ll have enough strength to bike to wherever he wants to bike. 

4.  That he’ll have the will to quit smoking. 

5.  That he’ll always be a good example to Enzo and Evie.

Happy Birthday, Langga.  Love you gid.  Balot. 🙂