Hubby is going to Manila for their national sales conference.  For 5 days. 😦 By now I should be used to his leaving for a few days or a week, but I still feel sad everytime he leaves.  Lately, I’ve become so dependent on Dean, especially after what we went through last year (Nanay’s stroke and all).  For me, he is just a pillar of strength and whenever I feel down or depressed, I can count on him for support.  Maybe I am still feeling the effect of the hormonal imbalance I experienced after giving birth.  I have been so emotional these past few days that I’m starting to think I’m becoming looney.

Ok, so I have five days without the hubby. I have to get used to this, knowing that my husband is in sales and this is all part of the job.  I just can’t help feeling sad. Or maybe I’m just a tad bit jealous because I would love for a change of scenery and go somewhere else.  Hehe. Hisa-on!