My new blog friend Dinna (Pinay New Yorker) wrote a post on high school memories.  She ended the post with the question: What do you remember about your high school days? I started posting a comment which got very long.  The memories just came rushing.  So I decided to cut everything and post it in my blog na lang…so that I’ll have something to post naman. Hehe.

Anyway, here are some of the things I remember during my high school days.

1.  I was a newcomer in high school and the first thing I told my mom when I got home after the first day of school was that I wanted to go back to my old school because the girls in my new school were all snotty and stuck-up.  I felt I couldn’t fit in because I was surrounded by children of hacienderos who talked about their summer vacation in the US while the farthest place I’ve been to at that time was Baguio.

2.  I remember getting into a shouting match with some girls in class after an election.  One of the girls in “the other group” called one of our friends a moron and we got so mad and started shouting at each other.  Our teacher was a guy (the only male teacher in our school at that time) and he was getting quite agitated and didn’t know how to make us stop. Haha! Poor Sir Arca!  My mom was called by the principal – for the first time! – because of my misbehavior and I nearly got kicked from the honor roll.  That was the first time I used to F word against a classmate. Haha!

3.  Sweet Valley High was the hottest read at that time.  Some girls in my class created a newsletter for our batch (we were Freshmen that time) in the fashion of the SVH school paper (forgot the name na) where they lambasted our teachers.  Our batch became well known from that time on.

4.  We had cooking class in sophomore year and our teacher, Mrs. Ledesma, taught us more than just cooking.  She told us never to sit on our boyfriend’s lap.  Haha! She was such a cute lady.  I also remember that we had an Interaction with the guys from La Salle and everyone was so excited that our maja blanca got burned!  We were so busy going in and out of the comfort room to fix our hair.  The ozone layer must have thinned by a couple of inches that day because everyone was using spraynet!

5.  I would spend hours in the library after school hours.  My friends thought I was studying but I was actually poring over the “adult” books (mostly novels by Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, and Harold Robbins) which were reserved for fourth year students only.  Since I couldn’t take them out, I would read the books in the library na lang. 

6.  My first sex education came from steamy romance novels with very vivid descriptions.  This is where I learned a lot of synonyms for the male sex organ (member, shaft, etc.).  The friend who introduced me to these novels would put paper clips on those pages where all the sex scenes were and we would huddle around her to read those juicy parts. Haha!  We even covered the book with bond paper or yellow paper so that our teacher wouldn’t see the well-endowed lady with the very tight corset carousing with a very muscular, long-haired man on the cover (I think he was a model named Fabio).

7.  I remember searching far and wide for extra-curricular activities that I could join during the summer so that I could earn points and graduate with honors.  I couldn’t rely on my grades alone because involvement in extra-curricular activities was given a 30% weight in the computation of the final average.  On the summer before fourth year, I joined a summer camp for streetchildren (as a facilitator, not a participant ha!) and there I learned the true spirit of volunteerism and service.  I wish I could still do that now, but with work, marriage, kids, and other sidelines, I don’t think I can anymore.

8.  I learned to love Math even more in high school.  While most of my teachers dreaded our Geometry teacher (God bless her soul!), I enjoyed her daily recitations because it kept me on my toes and challenged me.  But I didn’t like Filipino mainly because I had a difficulty in speaking the language (as did most of my classmates) and because I was poor at talasalitaan. 😦

9.  And of course, who could forget the button system?  Our school has this English-speaking policy where three “buttons” (poker chips, actually) were given to each class and, at the beginning of the day, the class president is tasked to give these buttons to whoever she hears speaking the dialect (Ilonggo).  Whoever receives these buttons should be on the lookout for those speaking the dialect and should pass them on before the end of the day when the president checks who holds the buttons.  Those caught several times (forgot how many) would get deductions from their English grade at the end of the grading period.  At that time, it was quite effective for us.  I don’t know if it still works now or if it is still in place.  But we were really obedient students at that time and we pretty much followed the rules.  I was forced to speak English and I thank my school for that strict, but very effective, policy. (Actually, Tuesday-Friday were English-speaking days but Monday was a Filipino-speaking day – just another reason for me to hate Mondays. Hehe.)

10.  On our last year in high school, we went on a field trip to Manila.  I have a lot of memories of that trip but the one that really stands out was when we rode the LRT for the first time from Vito Cruz to Baclaran.  We were divided into groups and had one adult (either a teacher or a parent) for our chaperone.  My friends and I agreed that we were going to speak Tagalog while in the train so that we wouldn’t be mistaken for foolish probinsyanas and be taken advantaged of.  We were all happily conversing in Tagalog when our teacher started shouting to us in Ilonggo to get ready because we should be getting off in the next stop.  So much for trying to look and sound like a polished Manileña.

There are a lot more, but I wouldn’t want to go on and on.  There are so many memories, some nice and some not so nice (I don’t even want to think about my hs bf!) that they wouldn’t fit into this blog.  Oh well, that’s my high school life. 

Now it’s my turn to ask…what do you remember about your high school days? 🙂