When I was still single, I was very active with the Singles Ministry of BLD (Bukas Loob sa Diyos) in Bacolod.  I matured in faith because of that community, and even if I am not active anymore, the things I learned can never be taken away from me.  Although the hardships of life make me lose focus sometimes, I know in my heart that God loves me and is there for me always, and everytime I stray too far from Him, He always finds a way to call me back.

Lately, I’ve been feeling down and out, my spirit weighed down by a lot of problems and concerns.  I used to read the Bible everyday, but over the past weeks I couldn’t find the time to do it.  I had a lot of alibis – too busy taking care of the kids, no time to read before going to work, too tired and sleepy to read before bed, etc.  I guess it’s true that God uses people, events, and any circumstance in our lives to speak to us.  I was really surprised when Hubby told me one morning that he wanted to read the Bible (even just a few verses) everyday!  Hubby is not the religious, read-the-Bible-everyday type and this was really out of character for him.  He’s not a nominal Catholic, and he tries to live a good life, but he has always refused my offer to join the renewal.  Anyway, he told me that he was so inspired by the sermon of this priest when he heard Mass at the chapel of Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital.  I took this as a sign that God wants me to take up Bible reading again, this time with my hubby.  And so, everyday, as we go to work, I read the Bible and we reflect on the readings of the day.  I thank God that He has spoken to me through my Hubby.

I also realized that God even uses blogging to reach out to me!  I was blog hopping yesterday and I chanced upon MJSumner’s blog.  I was so surprised to see lyrics to a song, apparently written by the author himself, which really spoke to me.  The song was entitled “I Come Running” and here are the lyrics.

I Come Running

Too many days
I’ve been searching for the answer to satisfy
So many ways
I’ve been lookin’ for somethin’ to numb this pain

But the answer was some how in front of me
With arms out and calling my name
So I come running
Into Your arms
Like a child I’m coming
To the Father of all
It’s a sweet surrender
The sweetest I know
So I come running
And I know you’ll meet me there

Too many days
I’ve been working in this pigpen with no reward
So many ways
I’ve been lookin’ for approval to lift my soul


The song could be downloaded too and I did that.  I really felt blessed after hearing the song.  Again, I knew in my heart that the Lord was talking to me, and telling me to just surrender everything to Him because I am His child and He loves me, He knows what I am going through and He will not abandon me.  I was so touched by the song that I felt I should write about this experience in my blog. 

Now I know that God will use any and every circumstance to reach out to us.  He will call us back if we stray too far from Him, using even the most unlikely ways such as blogging.  I am truly blessed to have been led to that blog.  Again I thank God for speaking to me and for allowing me to lose my way a little, make mistakes, and learn in the process, but not so much that I can’t find my way back to Him.