It’s been raining since Thursday and I just hate the weather. It has given me colds and a sore throat. According to a doctor friend of mine, this is the time of the year when cold viruses mutate, which is why it’s taking so long for most people to get well after getting attacked by viruses. My throat feels scratchy and I’ve been gargling Betadine since yesterday but I’m not feeling better yet. 😦 I guess being exposed to the elements hasn’t helped at all.

Yesterday, my mom-in-law, her sister and her brother-in-law came to Bacolod to attend a wedding. They invited me to tag along so I did. After work, I rushed home to change and went to the wedding. Since it was an impromptu invitation, I didn’t have a dress ready so I had to rummage in my closet for a dress that would fit me. The dress I wore for Evie’s baptism didn’t fit me well anymore (Yay! I lost weight na!). I tried on the dress I wore to my grad school graduation (in 2002) and it still fit me! Hah! Now I know that working out has paid off!

Anyway, it was still raining when I got to the church and I had to brave the rain because I didn’t have an umbrella (wouldn’t look good with my outfit! hehe). It didn’t help that the church was airconditioned and I was seated in front of an electric fan. I started feeling cold immediately. Too bad Hubby wasn’t there to give me some body warmth. 😦

It was my first time to attend a Protestant wedding and I kinda expected it to be long, but not THAT long! I was actually late since it started at 530pm and I got there at 630pm. But the wedding was still underway when I arrived (snucked in through the side entrance). The couple were exchanging vows already. Like the Catholic rites, they also had the “to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, etc.” lines. But there was more. They had to repeat after the pastor and because the wedding vows were quite long, the bride (maybe out of nervousness) couldn’t seem to follow what the pastor was saying. He had to say the lines two or three times before she could repeat them. Talk about wedding jitters! I think what made the wedding even longer was that the pastor explained what each ceremony meant (e.g., cord and veil ceremony) and he would even quote from the Bible. I think this is good because it made the couple understand why they were doing a particular ceremony and how it was related to married life. It’s just too bad that some people weren’t listening anymore because it was already 7pm and they were probably hungry…I know I was! Hehe. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful wedding and it made me miss my Hubby even more.

A funny thing happened, though, when we went to the reception which was several kilometers away (in Talisay pa). The reception was held in the club house of one of the posh subdivisions here so the security was quite tight. As we were about to turn into the subdivision entrance from the main highway, we saw a long queue of cars and each car was being checked by the guards. They had a list on their hands so we figured they were probably making sure that there were no gatecrashers. When it was our turn, they asked for a name and my mom-in-law’s sister gave her name, quite confidently. She was surprised to hear that her name wasn’t on the list! Unconvinced, she asked for the list and was flabbergasted that she couldn’t find her name! She who was a principal sponsor and the first cousin of the groom’s father. Eventually, the guards asked for an invitation and we were allowed to pass the gates of heaven, errr, that subdivision. That incident made us even more hungry! It was almost 9pm when we finally ate dinner. The food was okay (not superduper great), but I was cold, it was still (!) raining, and my throat was starting to ache like hell so I couldn’t really enjoy it.

Got home late, went to bed late (Enzo was still awake and his lola played with him pa), and woke up early to bring my mom-in-law to the pier. She took the first trip to Iloilo so we were up at 5am. I went back to sleep again when we got home. Enzo is still asleep. I’m waiting for the rain to stop because I want to bring him to my old school since it’s Academy Day and I want to take him on the rides (just the merry-go-round), but there is no sign of the skies clearing up today. Maybe I’ll just stay in bed today and read my current whodunnit novel (Patricia Cornwell’s All That Remains). Bed weather…too bad Hubby will be home tomorrow pa! 😉