I saw Nanay take a few steps today using her walker. It was slow going, but she was able to walk from the bathroom to her bed. After seeing her in bed for so long, it feels great to see her walk, albeit slowly and with the aid of a walker. I know she is truly on the road to recovery. These past five months have taken a toll on our family – physically, emotionally, and financially. I still cannot see God’s purpose in all these. I try to be as strong as I can, but sometimes I break down, too. Although I never show my weakness in front of Nanay. Whenever I talk to her, I always keep a happy and strong face. I feel I just have to be strong for her because nobody else will. Tatay also turns to me for strength. This is probably why I feel so burdened lately.

Anyway, I am just glad to see Nanay walking again. She has started to regain her strength, slowly but surely. I know she will recover, maybe in a year’s time. We just have to be patient and keep on supporting her and praying for her. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot these past five months. I have to take on additional responsibilities ever since Nanay got sick. Aside from being a wife and mom, I have to be a “parent” to my parents. It’s difficult and there are times when I really want to step away from everything and just go somewhere where I can be alone and not worry about anyone but myself. But I guess this is the path the Lord wants me to take. It’s not easy. I constantly complain to Him about this. But it looks like He wants me here for now. Maybe He is trying to teach me humility and patience, which I don’t really have. He’s teaching me how to be more forgiving and to practice self-control. He wants me to be more generous with my blessings. I guess it’s not just Nanay that the Lord is healing. He’s healing all of us in family, too…slowly, but surely.