I’ve been itching to blog since this morning but I can’t connect to wordpress.com.  I don’t know what’s wrong.  Is the site really down or have I been firewalled by our techie people at work?  I just hope it’s the former and not the latter.  So here I am, typing my post in Word.  I’ll just transfer this to my blog when I get home. (Finally, I got into wordpress, but I’m not editing the post I started in Word.)


I was talking to a friend this morning who also started a blog recently, through Friendster.  I asked her why she hasn’t updated her blog anymore and she said she doesn’t have anything to write about.  She said most of my posts (in my Friendster blog) are puro reklamo – ouch! – and she thinks there should be something more.  Well, for me, the reason why I blog is so that I can rant and rave.  I lose my temper very quickly when I’m angry, frustrated, irritated.  I’m so impatient that I easily flare up and end up saying things I regret.  Well, this (blogging) is one way for me to let go of all these emotions, instead of letting it all out on the person/s who irk me (most of them have no idea what a blog is, anyway). 


Anyway, this is another rant and rave post… but who cares?  I blog for myself, first and foremost.  If people read my blog and agree or disagree with me, I respect their opinion.  I’ve read a lot of verbal tussles over blogs and I don’t want to engage in that with someone I can’t see.  Besides, I’m not being paid to blog, the food on my table doesn’t depend on how many hits I get, I will rant and rave when I want to, on anything that I want to rant and rave about.


Okay, so here’s my rant-and-rave-post-for-the-day:  I’m so pissed off with people who, because they have no abilities and can’t get recognized on their own, will pass on the work of other talented people as theirs and will take credit for what they didn’t actually make.  I work in a place where people get appreciated and recognized not for what they know, but for who they know.  Sounds familiar?  There are just too many people out there who have no abilities except the ability to get on the good side of the boss (i.e., sipsip) and they become really good at it.  I’m irritated, pissed, mad as hell!  If this is the way the game is to be played, then I’m gonna have to learn how to beat them at their own game.  Although sucking up to the bosses is really not my style.  I know I don’t need to be sipsip because I have the capability to get the job done.  But I think I am at the losing end if I go on with this style.  I don’t know, though, if I can stomach kissing the boss’ ass just so I get the appreciation and recognition I rightly deserve.

Oh well, does the boss’ opinion really matter?  In the long run, I guess not.  I don’t really value his opinion, anyway.  I guess it’s really  my ego that has been trampled upon.  After all, I’m just a human being who wants, nay needs, appreciation and affirmation.  I just wish that person who thinks he can get away with getting credit for something which he didn’t do would realize how utterly shameless he is. 

Okay, end of rant… I feel better. I know how I should handle this already.  Two can play this game. As the cliche goes, don’t get mad, get even! There is no point in getting mad anymore, I don’t want to stress myself even more. It’s time to get even. (*evil laugh*)