Evie turns 4 months today.  To mark her fourth month, she decided to sleep most of yesterday away and was awake until 3 this morning.  I only got about 5 hours of sleep and I’m just grateful that her yaya was kind enough to rescue me from another sleepless night. 

At four months, my baby girl can carry her head pretty well.  Oftentimes, she refuses to be carried in a sleeping position and wants to be held sitting.  When placed on her stomach, she would wriggle and struggle to move forward (ala crawling).  She can easily turn on her back and back on her stomach.  I’m amazed at how fast she is growing because Enzo, at her age, was not as active.  I guess there is some truth to the notion that girls develop much faster than boys. 

Evie also interacts with all of us at home.  She smiles and coos when we talk to her, and most especially when her Daddy plays with her.  She never fails to bring a smile to Nanay. 

I’m just so happy with my baby girl.  She is truly God’s gift to us because she came at a time when everyone in the family was sad because of what happened to Nanay.  I just pray that God will continue to bless Evie so that she will grow up to be a wonderful girl.

Mwah! Love you, Eviegurl!

my baby evie