No, this is not a post-Valentine post.  I am not going to write a ten-reasons-why-I-love-my-hubby post.  There’s nothing much to write about my V-day, anyway.  We don’t usually go out because we don’t want to join the hordes of lovers going out on that day (and having to endure bad service, exorbitant prices, waiting for a decent table, and getting stressed out in the process).  Instead, we went about our usual activities as if it were any ordinary day. 

Okay, so here’s why I love my hubby…

Yesterday, I saw this really cute Nike trainers at Park in Robinson’s.  I fell in love at first sight!  I’m not really the sporty type, but when the health and fitness bug bit me, I’ve been on the lookout for cute workout gear.  When I saw this pair, I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to try it on and it fit perfectly!

When Hubby saw me pining – and salivating – for it, he popped the question: “Gusto mo?”  I couldn’t help the huge grin that came to my face 😀  I just said, “Yes, I like it a lot! But it’s too expensive for me.”  Then he said, “I will buy it for you.” 

My sensible and practical side was telling me, “that’s TOO expensive, and you just bought a pair of shoes last month.”  On the other hand, my impulsive and extravagant side argued, “He wants to buy it for you.  You don’t have money, but HE does.” Hehe… and so the impulsive and extravagant side of me won. 

I told Hubby, “Will you really buy this for me?”  (said with pa-tweetums voice and pa-cute smile).  I was ecstatic when he said YES.

Mwah!  Thank you, Langga!  I love you for indulging me and for knowing how to make me happy and for making me feel loved and special.

And so I’m now the proud owner of these cute trainers.  (Sorry no photo, can’t upload from phone to PC – something wrong with the PC, I guess.)

I can’t wait to hit the gym! 🙂