As I was doing an overdue grad school paper on motivation, I came across Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory.   Herzberg postulates that there are factors, called motivators, that increase satisfaction.  These factors are achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility and advancement.  If these factors are not gratified, only minimal dissatisfaction results.  On the other hand, factors called hygienes (i.e., interpersonal relations, supervision, policy and administration, working conditions, salary, and personal life) can produce job dissatisfaction if they are not gratified.  In other words, hygienes, by themselves, cannot provide satisfaction but they can lead to dissatisfaction.

This led me to thinking about my growing dissatisfaction with work.  I realized that I have lost my drive and motivation to work because the factors that are supposed to increase satisfaction are missing.  In this work, I am not given enough recognition and responsibility and there is no room for advancement.  What’s worse is that the ingredients needed for one to get dissatisfied are all present.  There are a lot of people in this organization that I cannot stomach because of the way they sacrifice their principles just to get into the good side of the big bosses.  I am totally dissatisfied with the way I am being supervised because there is no supervision at all.  In fact, my boss pretty much lets me do my own thing (hence I can blog all day if I want to).  While this gives me a lot of free time, I draw no satisfaction from it.  I set tasks for myself and make plans on what things I should be doing because my boss makes no plans AT ALL.  He has no directions for the office and at the start of each year, we are at a loss on what we should do for the rest of the year. 

I have reached my boiling point.  Much as I love the work I do (I do research work, by the way), I don’t like the way this job is doing to me.  I have become bitter and angry and I can’t find anything nice to say about this place and the people I work with anymore.  I am seriously thinking of leaving this place and striking it out in another workplace.  I just hope all things will fall into place soon.