This is one of those weeks that will always be remembered.  On Monday, I received an urgent text message that I should apply to this new job.  I won’t tell where yet, but my friend who works in that place told me to send my application in ASAP.  So on Tuesday, I did.  I haven’t received any reply yet, but I’m hoping that things will work out fine for me. (Please pray for me!) 

Wednesday was uneventful, but Thursday was another “exciting” day.  I had to bring my dad to the hospital because he had an allergy attack.  He ate shells for lunch, and to think that I had warned him that he shouldn’t eat because he is allergic to seashells.  The shells hit him hard, after only 30 minutes, his eyes were swollen and his nasal passages were congested.  Good thing the hospital is only a few meters away from work.  We walked to the ER and he was given a shot of diphenhydramine (good old Benadryl).  He was also told by the doctor that he needed to be hospitalized for observation.  Of course, my Tatay didn’t like that and he argued with the doctor, saying that he had allergy attacks before and he was usually just given a shot and then sent home.  The doctor made him sign a waiver that he refused to be admitted.  We were in the ER for about an hour.  I couldn’t make him change his mind.  But at least, I was able to convince him that he should go to the hospital.  The swelling in his eyes soon subsided and we were able to go home.  I wasn’t really scared because I’ve seen him this way several times.  He very well knows what he’s allergic to, but as they say, masarap talaga ang bawal. 

Friday night I went out with my girlfriends.  A friend who works in Singapore came home for a vacation and she treated us out for dinner.  Since the dinner was at 7pm, I didn’t go home anymore from the office.  Another friend and I agreed to meet after work.  We each had a bottle of beer before dinner and we were already giggly when we met up with our other friends.  I had a nice time with my friends and we enjoyed swapping stories about work, family, current and past loves, and just about anything and everything.  It has been a long time since I last went on a girls’ night out and I really enjoyed it.

Evie’s yaya had asked me earlier if she could go home for the weekend and I said yes.  I thought my weekend was going to be uneventful and spent at home relaxing with the hubby and kids.  But, alas, it was not to be.  My 83-year old maternal lola who has lived with us since before I was born had to be brought to the hospital.  Since my baby’s yaya had to go home, I couldn’t stay with her in the hospital.  I had no choice but to let one of the maids watch her.  We just visited her again this morning and she was ok.  She’ll probably be sent home tomorrow.

Hay, what a week!  I feel so stressed out again.  I need a vacation!

How did your week go?