It’s Friday again!  Another week has come and gone.  I still feel tired and drained out from being in this god-forsaken workplace.  But I have very encouraging news!  I’ve learned from a friend whose sister works for the company I applied to that they are seriously considering my application.  God willing, I’ll be out of this place in  two month’s time! Now that’s definitely something to look forward to.

This weekend, hopefully, will be uneventful compared to last weekend.  I just want to stay at home, relax, play with my kids, and cook some new recipe.  We bought fresh oyster mushrooms and I’ve been checking out the mushroom recipes of pinoy cook.  Maybe I’ll try one of them this Sunday.

Maybe Hubby and I can also catch a movie.  Speaking of hubby, that promotion I wished for him on his birthday just might come true!  He told me earlier today that there is a big possibility he might be promoted to RSM, since his former RSM has been promoted to NSM.  Hooray for him!  I’m happy and apprehensive at the same time because although it will mean a higher salary and more perks, the position also entails a lot of travel.  That means he’ll be spending less time at home than he already does at present.  😦 

Anyway, have a happy weekend everyone!  Sana tahimik na ‘tong weekend na ‘to.