I’ve taken Bo Sanchez’s advice to heart – I’m trying to get into the buy and sell business.  I’m not really a business-minded person.  In the past, there were a lot of opportunities for me to get into some sort of business.  Relatives from Manila would send Divisoria goods for me to sell here in the province.  I managed to sell some, but I would also buy a lot of the goods so I ended up spending all of my profit.  I have always been more of a consumer rather than an entrepreneur.  This time, though, our money situation has left me with no choice.  The easiest way to augment my salary is to sell something, and so I did!

I have a friend who grows oyster mushrooms (they really taste good!) and since hers is a backyard industry, she has no established distribution channel yet.  So I proposed to her that I would help distribute her mushrooms to my friends within Bacolod and in Iloilo since Hubby goes there every other week.

Last week I started selling to my friends and, so far, my goods have been sold out and customers are asking for more.  I tell you, the mushrooms are really good!  We can’t get enough of it ourselves.  It’s great for soups and stir fry dishes.  I have also asked for orders from friends and relatives in Iloilo since Dean will be going there next week.  Not bad for someone who claims to have no business sense, no? 🙂

Aside from the mushrooms, I am also selling shirts, bags, and bracelets, which I get from my friends who are also into business.  Last night, my sister told me that our aunt who is in Jakarta wants to send some batik stuff to sell here.  For me, that was an affirmation that I am in the right direction – this is how the Lord wants to bless me.  I just hope that things will work out fine. 

Before, I didn’t want to sell things because I thought it was demeaning.  But now I realize that there is dignity in selling.  After all, I’m selling good quality products that I myself use and what I’m doing is honest work.  I’ve realized now that I actually enjoy selling.  🙂  I never knew this entrepreneurial side of me before.  I think I quite like it. So, meet Tintin, the budding entrepreneur. 🙂