Time flies so fast!  My baby girl is now 5 months old.  The past five months have been a blur for me.  My child is growing before my very eyes and I was too busy earning a living to really witness every moment of her growth.  😦  I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t given enough of my time to Evie.  But I try my best.  With another kid also demanding my attention, it’s not easy. 

My time with Evie is usually in the morning when Enzo is still asleep and I can play with her and cuddle her without someone else tugging my arm or doing whatever antics to get my attention. 

I have noticed that Evie has developed (physically) faster than Enzo.  When she was only about a month old, she could already lift her head when she was placed on her stomach.  At 3 months, she would smile and coo and react to people around her.  At 4 months, she would hold her bottle and, when placed on her stomach, would already turn on her back and vice versa.  Now that she’s 5, she already struggles to sit up on her own.  When we put her in the stroller, she doesn’t want to be placed in a reclining position and she insists on sitting upright so we have to prop her with pillows.  She is such a darling, this little girl of mine.  I just love her soooo much. 

I am so scared that the stress I went through towards the end of my pregnancy would have an effect on her, so I just want to shower her with all the love I could possibly muster.  Before we had her, Dean and I were talking about our fears that we might not be able to love her as much as we love Enzo.  I personally felt that I had given all my love to Enzo and I didn’t know if there was enough to give to another child.  But when we finally had Evie, the love just multiplied – it wasn’t halved at all.  Now, I can say it, It really is possible to love your children equally.

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