I woke up late again today.  Why?  Because I was up at 11 pm, 3am, and again at 5am to feed Evie.  On the first two times she woke up I was able to put her back to sleep again.  But at 5am, she was wide awake and was in a “play with me” mood.  I tried swaying her back to sleep but it didn’t work.  She would close her eyes for a few minutes and then she would struggle to be in an upright position.  She doesn’t like be carried with her body almost parallel to the floor.  You have to hold her with her upper body at an angle.  A very difficult position, I tell you!

To make matters worse, Enzo heard her crying and he woke up, too!  He told me to let Evie lie down beside him.  And so the three of us played and cuddled at 5 in the morning while their daddy was fast asleep!  We did this for about 30 mins.  Evie was playing with Enzo’s blanket, while Enzo was asking me why I didn’t put a clip on Evie’s hair (it was standing all over since she just woke up).  It was a bonding moment for me and my kids and I’m happy to have that chance to spend quality time with them.  But!  It was 5am and I was still freaking sleeeeepy! 

I knew I had to put Enzo back to sleep again, but I couldn’t do it with Evie wide awake.  I had no choice but to wake up Evie’s yaya.  Thank God for yayas!  And so I was able to get another hour and a half of sleep.  I only woke up when my hubby’s phone beeped (It was mom-in-law greeting her beloved son good morning! She does that everyday, by the way!).  Of course, I was late for work. Again.