The schoolyear is about to end so I’m up to my neck with work. I’m finishing up the evaluations of ALL non-teaching staff, deans, and office heads.  It’s something I don’t really want to do but I have no choice about it.  I put this responsibility upon my shoulders and I will not shirk from it.  Ever since I came into this office, I have taken it upon myself to do the annual evaluations, even though this wasn’t assigned to me by my boss.  Because of this work, I get to see what everyone in the school has to say about their subordinates as well as their immediate supervisor.  Let me say that it hasn’t been pretty. 

I was talking to a friend earlier and she was telling me about the different kapalpakan here in school.  Can you imagine being enrolled in two different subjects which are on the same time schedules?  When something like this happens, the sensible thing to do would be to drop the other subject, kasi conflict nga di ba?  Pero dito, okay lang.  Even the Registrar approves it.  She’s actually teaching one of the subjects, and if she doesn’t allow it, the students might withdraw, the subject might get dissolved, and she could lose her load altogether.

There was also this teacher who complained about her proctoring schedule.  She was handling major subjects for graduating students.  Normally, graduating students are given their final exams a week ahead of the undergrads.  She had already finished giving her exams to her graduating students and was “looking forward” to checking papers the following week.  She was taken by surprised when she received a proctoring schedule for undergraduate students during the regular exam week.  She complained about it, but the one in charge of scheduling the exams either could not understand her or just refused to understand her situation.  In the end, she had to proctor the undergrad exams assigned to her.  Now she’s as frustrated as I am.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift.  There are just too many things that need changing and systems that need to be overhauled.  But it’s not going to be easy because the first thing that needs to be changed here is the way people think.  If they stick to their culture of mediocrity and believe that pwede na ang “pwede na,” then no amount of evaluation or planning will change things here.  I think the situation is hopeless, that’s why I’m really hoping that I can get out of here before I start accepting that being average is great.