I think my boss is trying to ease me out.  Two things happened last week that led me to this realization.  First, I found out through a friend that he was trying to revise an old evaluation instrument for the new faculty manual.  To do this, he asked the help of one of the high school English teachers here.  I felt really slighted because he did not even mention that he was revising the instrument and he did not come to me for help.  Perhaps you would think I'm very conceited, but if you knew what my Master's degree is, you would understand (it's MS in Educational Measurement and Evaluation).  Developing and revising instruments is what I do, and he knows that because I have revised and developed several questionnaires being used by the school.  But, no, he asked help from an English teacher when he knows very well that when it comes to a task like this, I would willingly do it – and there is no other person more qualified than me in this school when it comes to this.

At about the same time, I found out that he is planning to bring in other people to help us in the office.  Again, he made no mention of this, while other people already know about it.  Since there are only two of us in this little office, I would naturally expect that I be told of such an important decision which also affects me. 

Now, I'm just trying to be bato, not to feel anything, not even anger, because I don't want to be affected and get stressed out.  I'm not a stupid person and I'm pretty good at knowing how people feel about me.  Oh well, I have decided not to wait for that time that he will tell me that I'm no longer wanted here.  I will still leave this place even if I don't get accepted to where I applied – but I'm really, really hoping that all things will fall into place.