Palm Sunday – Went to Iloilo with the kids.  Brought a yaya who got sea-sick and was sick the whole time we were in Iloilo.  Dean and I ended up taking care of the kids ourselves.  Went to the bday celebration of Dean's uncle, but wasn't able to mingle with the relatives because Dean was busy running after Enzo while I had to carry Evie the whole time.  Meanwhile, yaya was in the lobby – still sick.  Aaaarrgggghhh!  I was so pissed off! Wasn't able to go to SM to shop. šŸ˜¦

Holy Monday – Was cooped up in the hotel room the whole day.  Evie was being colicky again so I hardly had time to rest.  Enzo went with his lola to SM (buti pa sya!).  Dean was doing admin work in the hotel the whole day, too.  Went out of the hotel at 7pm to have dinner.  Had no yaya (she was at my in-laws' place – resting!) so Dean and I had to take turns eating since someone had to hold Evie.  I should have brought the stroller. šŸ˜¦

Holy Tuesday – Took the roro back to Bacolod.  Yaya was sea-sick again the whole time so Dean and I had our hands full with the kids.  Got home 5pm and spent the whole night cleaning up our messy room to make it livable.  Good thing Nay's attendant brought us a new yaya (the one we brought to Iloilo was leaving the next day) for Evie.  But Enzo was still yaya-less so I still couldn't get my rest.

Holy Wednesday – My body was begging for a workout so Dean and I went to the gym.  Spent 30 mins doing cardio and an hour and a half lifting weights.  While working out, I got a call from La Salle – I got the job!  So, I'll be officially starting my new job this June.   I got an early Easter gift. šŸ™‚  Hooray for me!

Holy Thursday – Spent the morning and afternoon cleaning the house.  Went to Mass at 5pm.  Went home and played with the kids.  Evie turned 6 mos and I started her on solid food.  šŸ™‚

Good Friday – Cleaned the house again (ang daming kailangang linisin!!).  Played with the kids.  Went to Mass at 3pm.  Bought fish at the local wet market with Dean and my sister.  Slept early!  Sobrang pagod sa paglilinis.

Black Saturday – Needed to get out of the house.  Went to Rob with Enzo, Dean, my sis and her boyfriend.  Bought clothes and shoes for Evie and Enzo (may baby sale kasi sa dept store) and bought shoes for me and my sis at Celine – may sale din! šŸ™‚

Easter Sunday – Morning:  washed the kids' new clothes, cleaned the bathroom and house pa rin. Domesticated na talaga ako!!!  Afternoon:  Brought my sis to the airport.  It was a short but wonderful vacation (her words).  Went to Bago City after bringing her to the airport to check out the Golden Retriever of a friend.  Our Golden is in heat and we want to have her breed na. Sana mabuntis kaagad para we can make money. šŸ™‚  Went to Mass at 5pm with the kids.  Enzo was so makulit during the Mass and I could hardly concentrate.  Went home immediately after the Mass and slept early kasi Enzo needed to wake up early the next morning (today, that is).  He started going to school today. šŸ™‚

And that's my Holy Week.  I didn't really spend it praying as it is supposed to be spent.  But I'm glad I had time to be with my kids and to do the much needed house cleaning. 

Ikaw, how was your Holy Week?