I still have a hang over from my one-week vacation and I can't concentrate on my work.  So here I am, blogging again. πŸ™‚  Here's something I got from Toni

Write one word that you associate with the given item. Write down the first word that comes to mind.

1.  Yourself:  Sleepy

2.  Your Spouse:  Busy

3.  Your Hair:  Straight

4.  Your Mother:  Strong

5.  Your Father:  Devoted

6.  Your Favorite Item:  Bag

7.  Your Dream Last Night:  duh…can't remember!

8.  Your Favorite Drink:  Water

9.  Your Dream Home:  Two-storey

10.  The Room You Are In:  Cramped

11.  Your Pet: Amber

12.  Who You Are Now:  Mommy

13.  Who You Want to be in Five Years:  Doctor (of Education)

14.  Who You Want to be in Ten Years:  Traveler

15.  What You're Not:  Patient

16.  Your Best Friend:  Karol

17.  One of your Wishlist Items:  Travel

18.  Your Gender:  Female

19.  The Last Thing You Did:  Type

20.  What Are You Wearing:  Brown

21.  Your Favorite Weather:  Sunny

22.  Your Favorite Book:  Nancy Drew (first thing that came to mind eh! LOL)

23.  The Last Thing You Ate:  Eggs

24.  Your Life:  Exciting

25.  Your Mood:  So-so 

Found this fun?  Try it! πŸ™‚