Here's something I got from Lenti, a friend from UP. 

You are UP because you can think and speak for yourselves, by your own wits and on your own two feet, and you can do so no matter what the rest of the people in the room may be thinking. 

You are UP because no one can tell you to shut up, if you have something sensible and vital to say.

You are UP because you dread not the poverty of material comforts but the poverty of the mind.

And you are UP because you care about something as abstract and sometimes as treacherous as the idea of "nation," even if it kills you.

Sometimes, long after UP, we forget these things and become just like everybody else; I certainly have.  Even so, I suspect that that forgetfulness is laced with guilt – the guilt of knowing that you were, and could yet become, somebody better.  And you cannot even arge that you did not know, because today, I just told you so.

– excerpt from Jose Dalisay's speech