I used to love summer breaks, especially when I was a kid.  My mom always brought us to places for a summer vacation, even if it was only in Balasan, Iloilo (her hometown).  This time , however, I don't really look forward to summer because of the unbearable heat.  And because summer to me equates to a higher risk for asthma – not just for me, but also for my kids.

This morning I had to bring Enzo to his pedia because he has been coughing since Monday and last night he had a fever.  I have to arrest the cough so that it doesn't result to asthma.  The heat must have gotten to him.  Also, being exposed to varying degrees of temperature (their classroom is airconditioned and then he plays outside under the heat of the sun) has wreaked havoc on his system.  I know it because Enzo has my genes and he takes a lot from me in the health department. 

Anyway, mag-aantibiotics na naman sya!  I really want to avoid this as much as possible because giving medicines (especially antibiotics) to a toddler is really hell.  There's a lot of prodding and maneuvering and chasing just to get him to drink 5ml of the awful smelling liquid even I wouldn't take! (hehe, mana talaga kay mommy!)  Everytime my parents see me getting all stressed out when I chase after Enzo to give him his medicines, they would laugh at me and say that I'm getting what I deserve because as a child I was also difficult to handle when it comes to taking medicines. 

But as much as I don't like summer, I still prefer it to the rainy season.  I'd rather be hot and dry than cold and soaking wet.  And of course, there's dengue to contend with during the rainy days.