It’s official! I’ve resigned from my work and although my resignation will take effect at the end of the month, I’m happy and I feel free! 🙂

When I handed in my resignation to our president, he had no reaction and just told me to inform HRD and process my exit clearance. That’s it? I wasn’t expecting him to stop me, but the least he could have done was to ask me why. Okay, so maybe my ego was hurt. But then again, it’s a good thing because I wouldn’t have to explain why I’m leaving.

Since I didn’t tell my immediate head that I was resigning, he was informed by the president. I gave my notice last Tuesday morning, but until now he hasn’t talked to me. Deadma is the name of the game. That’s fine with me. I don’t really care anymore.

Funny thing is, I applied for a terminal leave starting May 18-31 (my remaining VL for the school year). Inapprove din naman ng boss ko – no questions asked.

I’m just happy that I’m finally leaving this place. While I have made a lot of good friends here, I feel that I am no longer growing here and I have become bitter and cynical because of the people here. It is time to move on.

Wish me luck!