Although vanity is the devil's favorite sin (Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate), I still think that the root of all evil is money – whether it's an excess or a lack. 

It's money that can cause the sweetest friendship to go sour.   

It's money that can break up even the most loving of relationships between husband and wife.  

It's money that can make a grandmother say hateful things and wish ill and damnation upon a granddaughter that she cared for as a baby. 

It's money that can cause a priest to call an employee a traitor.

It's money that can ruin the love between a mother and a child, between siblings.

But then again, money can also be the root of all happiness.  I have read somewhere that if we can be happy with or without money, then we can be truly happy.  But the question is, can we be truly happy without money?

Can we be happy when we have no money to buy milk for our children?  I think not.

Can we be happy when we cannot buy medicines for a sick parent?  I think not.

Can we be happy when we find our homes in darkness because we can no longer pay the electricity bill?  I definitely think not.

I think having too much or too little of money is not a good thing.  Having just enough is just right.  We shouldn't have too much money because it could make us selfish and greedy.  Neither should we have too little because it could make us envious. 

I just wish I had enough right now.