First of all, I want to greet my Tatay and Nanay Happy 32nd Anniversary! I love you both so much!

Secondly, let me tell you why I'm happy today.  Although I was already told of being accepted in La Salle mid-April pa, I was still asked to go to a panel interview today, for formality's sake daw.  So I did.  The interview went well.  The first thing they asked me was, "How's your mom?"  That's no surprise since everyone who was in the panel was either my mom's contemporary or her student.  Anyway, they asked the usual questions like why I decided to leave my current job and apply for a teaching post, and how do I see myself five years from now (honestly, is there no better question job interviewers can ask?).  Even though that was just a formality, I still had butterflies in my stomach considering that I haven't had a job interview for the past 6 years! (Yup, that's how long I've been with my current employer.)  Nonetheless, I think I did well in the interview, gave the right answers, and convinced them that they were doing the right thing of hiring me.  🙂  I'm just glad I got that over and done with.

Another reason why I'm happy is that the friend whom I helped (read about this here) got the best dissertation award!  I'm happy that all our efforts have paid off. I spent sleepless nights analyzing his data and working on the interpretation and I'm just glad that it turned out more than okay.

I think my luck is finally turning.  Now if someone will only give me money. Hehe. 🙂