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Christmas is 6 months away, but who says we can't make a Christmas wish list this early?  I found this link in Toni's blog (one of the best blogs around, in my opinion).

So here's my Christmas list.

1.  A trip abroad alone

2.  A new SE W810i cell phone

3.  Some time alone

4.  A good book and time to read it undisturbed

5.  Seeing Nanay walk and talk again

What's your wish list?  I'm tagging everyone who has been too busy taking care of others that they haven't taken cared of themselves. 🙂


My daughter's yaya is asking to go home.  She says her mother wants her to.  I didn't ask for explanations anymore; I just told her to give me some time to look for another one.  I've been through this losing-another-yaya stage so many times (with Enzo and now with Evie) but everytime I do, I still get stressed out.  Although I know I can eventually find a replacement, I still can't help feeling helpless and at the mercy of these helpers.  But I guess this "problem" is here to stay – for the meantime, at least – because my kids are still growing.  I know when they get older, I wouldn't be needing yayas for them.  It is during these times that I really can't wait for them to grow up.

For now, the search for the next yaya is on… Any applicants? 🙂

This is how OC my son is:


He found some coins on the dining table this morning and he placed them on a sheet of sticker paper.  Can you see the pattern?

Last Monday, we brought him to Robinson's Place to play at Dave's Funhouse.  While playing he saw that some of the kids did not return the toys to their proper places after playing with them.  My son picked them up and placed them on a basket.  Apparently, he didn't feel comfortable seeing the toys strewn all over the place.  How OC! 


 Here's a conversation I had over the phone with Enzo last week.

ME:  Hello, Enzo!

ENZO:  Hello, Mommy Tintin!

ME:  What did you do in school today?  (I was calling home from work.)

ENZO:  We exercised.

ME:  Did Tatay fetch you from school?  (Enzo calls my dad "Tatay," too.)

ENZO:  Yes, because you didn't fetch me.

Whoops! He got me there!  Last summer he joined a summer workshop and I would fetch him from school, but this time I couldn't because my schedule is so full.  Since he's in Junior Casa (that's Nursery in Montessori), their classes are for two hours only (from 8am to 10am).  Good thing my dad isn't really that busy so he volunteered to fetch Enzo.

Enzo really amazes me.  He talks like an adult and he never fails to amuse me with his answers.  He's a very curious and observant kid.  Sometimes it scares me that I might not be able to nurture his intelligence and help him develop his full potential.  Since there are no hard and fast rules on bringing up a child, we moms just do our best – and hope and pray that our children will grow up to be decent human beings.

It's been 8 months since Nanay left the hospital.  I can still vividly recall how she was sent home via an ambulance because she could neither sit on a wheelchair nor walk to the car.  At that time, her condition was stable and her doctors sent her home because they had done everything for her and all she needed was nursing care. Within two months from coming home, Nanay was able to sit on a wheelchair.  Within five months, she was walking with a walker (although her attendant still has to be near to support her).  And now, after eight months she can finally go to the bathroom when she wants to urinate.  I know these are just small steps, but after seeing her wavering between sleep and consciousness for 17 days in the hospital, I would say that she has gone a long way.  She has been very determined to get better – and I'm praying hard that the next faculty she regains would be her speech.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for her – a former teacher – to lose the ability to speak.  If there's one thing I really learned from this whole experience, it's the value of patience.  Much as I would want to see her walking and talking again, I know that she has to take it slow, too.  After all, we wouldn't want to get her too agitated which could lead to another stroke.  But I do believe in my heart that, in time, Nanay will get better.  She just has to take it one small step at a time.

I’m really happy to be teaching full time again. I know that this is what I love to do and I’m good at it. And I’m proud to be teaching in La Salle. After 6 long years, I’m back in its hallowed halls. I used to teach part time here, but I couldn’t be fulltime then since my mom was also working there and they had a policy on the hiring of relatives.

Anyway, now that I’m back, I feel so at home and comfortable. I know not everyone would get used to being in a big university. But I feel like I really belong and that this is where I should be. Whenever I meet people who knew me way back – friends of my mom or friends I made when I was teaching there part time – they never fail to welcome me back. In fact, one friend even said to me, “Welcome home.” And indeed, it feels like coming home.

I have 8 classes to handle. I know it seems a lot, but I only feel tired after my class, and not while I’m teaching. Before I know it, the day is over and I go home tired but fulfilled. I’m just happy to be sharing the La Sallian mission of teaching minds and touching hearts.

I just came from a day full of meetings.  I have to get used to this because meetings are the rule in La Salle while they aren't uso where I worked before. Or maybe because my former boss was too busy with other things to hold a meeting with me.

Anyway, we had a 3 hour meeting in the morning, and another one in the afternoon.  I've had an information overload and I can't wait to get home.  But, I'm not sure if I can really relax because I would be taking care of the kids.  And I have to continue working on my lessons for next week!  Classes are starting on Tuesday and I'm just a chapter ahead – not that I don't know the subject, it's just that I haven't prepared my handouts and activities for the classes I'll be handling.

While I'm excited to be teaching full time again, I am also a bit apprehensive because I will be handling a Math Special class.  Math Special is a non-credit class for students who didn't reach the cut-off score in the Math portion of the university's entrance exam.  So you can imagine the ability level of these students.  I was told by my department chair to give less lectures and more activities.  And I will really have to think of teaching strategies that would keep these kids attentive and motivated in my class. Any ideas, anyone?

Last week I blogged about not having helpers for my kids and the difficulty I had in finding one.  I was at my wits' end then and was getting stressed out just thinking about what I would do the following week when my hubby would go to Cebu and I had to report to my new job and no one would be left with the kids.  Finally, I just gave it all up to God and told Him, "Lord, I've done my part, I've contacted everyone in my address book who could help me find a helper.  I leave it all up to you."  Dean even sent a message to family and friends last Sunday, asking them to pray na "umulan ng yaya."  Sure enough, the following Monday, a barrage of helpers came.

A friend of ours first texted me in the morning that helpers were ready to be picked up at a barangay in the outskirts of Bacolod. Then my mom's PT texted me that he was bringing a helper to the house that morning.  And then again my tita called me to say that a helper was waiting for me.  Talagang umulan ng yaya! 

Truly, everything comes just in time.  I guess the Lord was just teaching me patience, that when I pray I must truly surrender my concerns to Him because if I hold on to my problems, He couldn't fully take charge of the situation.  It was only when I let go of my worries and told Him, "Lord, let your will be done," did He truly take care of my problem.

This morning, during our orientation (the fourth of seven days) we were taught the song "He Who Began A Good Work In You."  A verse of the song goes this way:

When the struggle you're facing is slowly replacing your hope with despair

And the process is long and you're losing your song in the night

You can be sure that the Lord has His hand on you

Safe and secure He will never abandon you

For you are his treasure and He finds his pleasure in you.

I really felt that the Lord was speaking to me that time.  He was reassuring me that I was in His hands and that He got me covered, regardless of how impossible might situation was.  What a wonderful feeling that was!  Truly God is good! 

I officially started work at La Salle last Thursday, June 1.  The previous day, I asked my department chair what time I should report for work and she told me to come at 3 PM.  So the next morning I was taking my own sweet time getting dressed.  I was planning to run some errands before showing up at work when I received a text message from my boss that I an orientation for new hirees was on-going at La Salle and that I had to catch up.  That was 10AM.  I was going to start my first day on the job late!

While driving to work, hubby kept on telling me that I shouldn't feel bad about being late because it wasn't my fault, that I wasn't informed earlier about the orientation.  To add to my being late, my hubby (who was driving me to work) made one turn too early and then a few minutes later, missed another turn.  What a way to start my first day on the job!

When I finally got to the venue where we were having the orientation, I was surprised to find out that we were having a seminar on Image Projection!  When I entered the room, one of the participants was in front and the speaker was holding up pieces of cloth in front of him, while asking the group which color suited him best.  We were taught how to choose colors that would make us look good.  Obviously, La Salle placed a premium on how their teachers dressed up.  We also discussed etiquette in the workplace and our two-day seminar culminated with a formal dinner at a hotel.  It was fun and interesting. 

Next week, we will be having another orientation and a seminar on how to teach effectively.  It's going to be another busy week.  I don't know when I'll find the time to blog.  In the meantime, I gotta work on my lessons! 

Btw, I still have no yayas for the kids… sana umulan ng yaya!!!