I just came from a day full of meetings.  I have to get used to this because meetings are the rule in La Salle while they aren't uso where I worked before. Or maybe because my former boss was too busy with other things to hold a meeting with me.

Anyway, we had a 3 hour meeting in the morning, and another one in the afternoon.  I've had an information overload and I can't wait to get home.  But, I'm not sure if I can really relax because I would be taking care of the kids.  And I have to continue working on my lessons for next week!  Classes are starting on Tuesday and I'm just a chapter ahead – not that I don't know the subject, it's just that I haven't prepared my handouts and activities for the classes I'll be handling.

While I'm excited to be teaching full time again, I am also a bit apprehensive because I will be handling a Math Special class.  Math Special is a non-credit class for students who didn't reach the cut-off score in the Math portion of the university's entrance exam.  So you can imagine the ability level of these students.  I was told by my department chair to give less lectures and more activities.  And I will really have to think of teaching strategies that would keep these kids attentive and motivated in my class. Any ideas, anyone?