It's been 8 months since Nanay left the hospital.  I can still vividly recall how she was sent home via an ambulance because she could neither sit on a wheelchair nor walk to the car.  At that time, her condition was stable and her doctors sent her home because they had done everything for her and all she needed was nursing care. Within two months from coming home, Nanay was able to sit on a wheelchair.  Within five months, she was walking with a walker (although her attendant still has to be near to support her).  And now, after eight months she can finally go to the bathroom when she wants to urinate.  I know these are just small steps, but after seeing her wavering between sleep and consciousness for 17 days in the hospital, I would say that she has gone a long way.  She has been very determined to get better – and I'm praying hard that the next faculty she regains would be her speech.  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for her – a former teacher – to lose the ability to speak.  If there's one thing I really learned from this whole experience, it's the value of patience.  Much as I would want to see her walking and talking again, I know that she has to take it slow, too.  After all, we wouldn't want to get her too agitated which could lead to another stroke.  But I do believe in my heart that, in time, Nanay will get better.  She just has to take it one small step at a time.