Here's a conversation I had over the phone with Enzo last week.

ME:  Hello, Enzo!

ENZO:  Hello, Mommy Tintin!

ME:  What did you do in school today?  (I was calling home from work.)

ENZO:  We exercised.

ME:  Did Tatay fetch you from school?  (Enzo calls my dad "Tatay," too.)

ENZO:  Yes, because you didn't fetch me.

Whoops! He got me there!  Last summer he joined a summer workshop and I would fetch him from school, but this time I couldn't because my schedule is so full.  Since he's in Junior Casa (that's Nursery in Montessori), their classes are for two hours only (from 8am to 10am).  Good thing my dad isn't really that busy so he volunteered to fetch Enzo.

Enzo really amazes me.  He talks like an adult and he never fails to amuse me with his answers.  He's a very curious and observant kid.  Sometimes it scares me that I might not be able to nurture his intelligence and help him develop his full potential.  Since there are no hard and fast rules on bringing up a child, we moms just do our best – and hope and pray that our children will grow up to be decent human beings.