Last Friday Nanay went to see her neurologist for the first time since she left the hospital in October 2005.  Her doctor was really surprised to see her up and about.  She thought all along that Nanay was bed-ridden and she declared it a miracle that in less than a year she is able to get up from her bed, sit on a wheelchair, and take a few steps with a walker.  According to her, the kind of brain injury that Nanay sustained due to her two strokes (only two weeks apart) usually took a long time to heal.  In fact, some patients never recover and remain bed-ridden.  Because of the improvement my mom has shown, the doctor decided to reduce her medicines (thank God, because the cost is killing us!).

Indeed God is a God who heals. I know that our prayers have been heard and that He is continually healing Nanay.  As I look back on the past 10 months and reflect on the daunting trials we went through, I am amazed at how much God loves us.  Despite our trials, our family has remained strong mainly because of our faith and because of the prayers of relatives and friends.  And yes, from time to time, we do worry about where we would find the money to pay for Nay’s therapy or to buy her medicines, but still we are able to smile and laugh and thank God for the little miracles that happen to us each day. 

I’m asking everyone who is reading this right now, please say a prayer for healing for my mom. Pray especially that she regains her speech soon.  You will be greatly blessed!