Enzo did so well in his first quarter exams that I just have to blog/brag about i! Hayaan niyo na ako, I’m sure any mom would be proud to know that her 3-year old son got perfect in his exam and answered the entire test in only 10 minutes.  He is now 5th in their class of 14 students.  Not bad, huh?  He did well in all of the subject areas except for drawing! Haha!  In that department, he took after me because I can only do stick drawings.  Too bad, he didn’t take after his dad who is more artistic than me.  Anyway, I’m just so happy that Enzo is interested to learn and he seems to be enjoying school.  He comes home everyday with new songs to sing and new poems to recite.  Every time I ask him what he does in school, he doesn’t just tell me, he demonstrates. Now I know that our decision to send him to school at an early age was the right decision after all. 🙂