We’re fortunate to have a park within city limits where we can relax and unwind for the weekend.  One Sunday (I think it was two weeks ago), we all decided to go to Forest Park in Taculing (about 15 minutes from our place) for a picnic.  There was a scheduled 8-hour brownout that day Sunday because Ceneco was putting up new electric posts along the newly finished Tangub Road, and we didn’t want to spend the whole day cooped up inside the house with no electricity.

With the kids and Nanay in tow, we ate lunch there (grilled porkchop and gindara – yummy!) and had dirty ice cream afterwards!  It’s a great place to spend time with the family.  We’re definitely going back there for another picnic. It was truly a great way to bond as a family – and it sure beats wandering aimlessly around the mall!