I’m thinking of coming up with a math blog for my students. I’ve been surfing the net for some materials on trigonometric functions and I came up with hits from math blogs. The idea has actually been brewing in my mind for a few months now, but because of my work load, I haven’t had time to really sit down and create a blog.  I thought of making a statistics blog, but this is just one of the subjects I teach. So maybe I should make just one blog for all my classes that students can visit and leave comments – and maybe ask some questions on topics they find confusing but are too shy or ashamed or scared to ask about in class.

The semester is ending, though, so it’s too late to do it with my current classes – maybe next semester (which starts in November).  I guess this is one way for me to get feedback from students about my teaching.  Sometimes I feel that I’m not getting to them, that they are still lost in space no matter how many times I explain the lesson (and sometimes I have to explain in the vernacular so that they would understand).  I get all sorts of students.  There are those who really listen and are diligent enough to work the assigned problems.  But most of them are really lazy, especially when it comes to math subjects, so I have to work extra hard on motivating them.  I’m hoping that the blog will be one way to encourage them to think about my subject not just within the confines of the classroom, but also when they are outside.

Anyway, I’m still thinking of titles for this blog.  Any ideas anyone? 🙂