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A few days ago, I got a call from a good friend of mine who is now in the States.  She told me that she has been updated about my life thanks to my blog…and I realized that I should be writing here more often because this is a good way to let people know I’m still alive!

The past couple of months or so have been quite stressful for me mainly because Dean got retrenched from his job.  We’ve had our share of arguments and fights and depressed moments, but I’m glad we got through it…scarred but definitely more mature and stronger. 

He has a job now, better paying than his previous one, but the catch is he has to be based in Iloilo.  And if there’s one thing I’m so scared about, it’s being away from him – or should I say, him being away from me.  I’m just being praning, I know, and I have to conquer that fear and put my complete trust in him.  I’m just praying hard that nothing could come between our relationship…not distance nor anything or anyone else. 

I know Iloilo is just near and he’ll be coming home every weekend naman.  I just hope that God will find a way for him to come back to Bacolod.  Hay….kabudlay!!

Good thing I’m very busy now with work.  At least it keeps my mind off things which I should not be worrying about. 

The school year is almost over, and I’m just glad I survived it.  It was a tiring first year of full time teaching for me and I got sick so many times over the year.  Actually, I was absent today because I had another bout of urinary tract infection (my third this past school year) . Thanks to teaching, I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight…kapoy gid ya! I just hope next school year I’ll be more adjusted to the pace at work and I wouldn’t lose so much pounds.

Btw, Enzo finished his first year of pre-school as with highest honors!  🙂  Let the proud mama brag! 🙂  Here are pics taken during their recognition rites last March 21.



Hello blog!  Hello blogosphere! Hello blog friends!  It’s been soooo long since I last blogged…buti na lang my fingers still remember my wordpress password! hehe.

Anyway, the long absence has been due to the following reasons:

  1. Just too damn many papers to check!!!
  2. Doing two research projects na super urgent kasi they were political surveys, done only four months apart (Sept 2006 and Jan 2007)
  3. I’m just too drained out to think and blog after a long and tiring day trying to make teenagers understand statistics!
  4. I lose my patience trying to blog using dial-up internet.  After my rant, I find out too late that the bandwidth is not enough for me to publish my post. Inis!

Anyway, I relish this time that I can blog again… although I can’t promise that this will be regular na ulit.  Finals are fast approaching…and then there’s summer classes to contend with… haay…i get tired just thinking about the work ahead.

I’m posting a few pics of my family…para naman magkalaman ‘tong blog ko!