Last week was my personal hell week.  Let me tell you why…

Monday – Had a 26-item all computation assignment in Statistics, which I did in the afternoon after my four-hour class in the morning

Tuesday – Had a four-hour class, started working on my report for my Organizational Development class

Wednesday – Got another set of problems and exercises for my Statistics class (I’m the student here, not the teacher!)

Thursday – Went to Iloilo in the afternoon with the kids in tow.  We had to attend a cousin’s wedding…Enzo was the coin bearer 🙂

Thursday night – Worked on a friend’s thesis revisions.  Stayed up late again because I needed to send the file to Bacolod early the next morning because it was already due!!

Friday morning – Woke up early and went to the pier to send the CD to Bacolod on the first trip.  In the afternoon, we also went home to Bacolod because I had a report the following day.

Friday night – Stayed up late again to finish my report.  I was too tired to put all the animations in my powerpoint presentation.  Good thing Dean was willing to animate my slides.  (Thank you langga! Mwah!) 

Saturday – Woke up early, went to school early, only to find out that the teacher was late and we were just going to have film showing and lecture in the morning and the reports were to be given in the afternoon pa.  Ka inis!  But, my report went well. 🙂

Saturday evening – Started work on my latest research project, but could not proceed because the data was incomplete.  Had to contact the people who hired me since they were the ones who gathered the data…we decided to meet the next day to settle the problem.

Sunday – Heard Mass with Dean and the kids (as usual, they were kulit) and then went to SM.  While the kids played, I met with the project coordinator and we agreed to put the data analysis on hold while they looked for the missing questionnaires.  After our meeting, I started working on my Stat assignment for Monday.  Aarrgh!!

Now it’s Labor Day and I’m at an Internet cafe.  I woke up very early this morning to work on my data analysis for the research project I committed to do.  I just gave my preliminary results to the project coordinator BUT I still need to do some work.  And when I get home I have to make my midterm exam (for my students naman) which will be on Thursday.  Hay, naku!  This is truly a LABOR day for me!