Last June 9 to 24 my favorite aunt (I’d like to think I’m her favorite niece, too!) came home from Jakarta with her husband and daughter for a much-awaited vacation.  She’s my mom’s youngest sister and I have always been close to her since she stayed with us when she was still single and she used to take care of me when I was a baby.  We had a lot of fun times, too, when I was in college in Manila and she was working there.  She would bring me to her outings (Subic, Agoo, Laguna, etc.) and we would scour Baclaran and Divisoria for bargains.  She was my second mother during that time and I’m always grateful to her especially during the times that I needed a break from dorm food or when I ran out of allowance.

We really enjoyed having them home in Bacolod, even for just a short while.  We went swimming, had a facial, ate out, went malling, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Nanay was very happy to see her and Tito and Angel, too.  Here are some pictures taken during their short, but fun vacation in Bacolod.



‘Ta Ming, ‘To Luis, and Angel, we hope to see you again soon!  Thanks for coming to visit! Mwah!