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I can’t remember when I last posted in my blog. It’s been quite a while.  Life has been pretty hectic here in La Salle.  I’m now on my second year as probationary faculty and I’ve been given some new responsibilities other than teaching. 

Right now, I’m working with a team on a research about the prevailing values of college students here in La Salle.  We have a new president who is keen on research and values formation.  He wants us to come up with baseline data about the values of kids nowadays. 

There was a study done by McCann-Erickson about the values system of Filipino teenagers now and what they found out was quite disturbing.  Many teens nowadays do not think that pre-marital sex is a sin.  They don’t think cheating in class is wrong, but cheating on one’s boyfriend/girlfriend is.  Well, our president wanted to confirm these findings with our kids here in La Salle.  The McCann-Erickson study was done in Manila so we’re expecting some differences in the views of teenagers from the province.

I’m all excited about the study because it’s an institutional research and I get to play a role in the formulation of plans and programs for the entire university.  My only concern is that I have to teach at the same time.  But, this is precisely what teaching in a university is all about – one cannot be a good classroom teacher only, one has to be good in research, too.  And I’m hoping I can be both. 🙂