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I’ve missed blogging.  I can’t remember how long it has been since my last post.  The pace at work has been so fast that I hardly have time for my kids, much less for blogging.  But anyway, many things have happened to me and I’d like to keep on blogging, if not to let my blogosphere up to date, at least to give me the chance to release some stress through my writing.

Anyway, here goes…

I’m doing a million things all at the same time again.  Aside from my full-time teaching job and my Ph.D. studies, I have also taken on two rackets – both heavy research work – and still many other small-time rackets.  The two research works I just couldn’t let go because one is an institutional (aka, university-funded) study on values and the other is a UP study on aging.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of working with UP so I just had to take on the challenge even though I have a full work-load in school.

Right now, I have a Ph.D. class starting in about 10 minutes.  The class is Financial Management – so not my expertise – and I’m going to give a report!!! Aaarrggghhh!! Lord, help me get through this.

That’s all for now… More updates later.