Dean surprised me this Monday by telling me that we’re going to Manila with the kids.  Turns out they have a meeting there today and he wants to take advantage of the time to visit his paternal grandmother who has stage 4 colon cancer.  He wants to bring the kids so his lola could see them also, while she still can.  He’s actually been meaning to go there but we just couldn’t find the right time to go since I’m always busy.  Well, now that classes are over and he is getting a free ticket (thanks to his company), maybe this is the right time.

However, I’m a little bit apprehensive about this trip for several reasons.  First of all, I’ll be traveling alone with the kids since Dean is already there.  I told my friend Jaja about this and the first thing she said was “kaya mo na?” If you know my kids (especially Evie), you’d probably say the same thing.  Evie by herself is already a handful.  Evie AND Enzo together is double trouble.  But I’ve been psyching Enzo for the trip and I’ve been telling him that he has to behave, that he has to be responsible and help mommy by being a good boy.  I just hope he will behave so that if Evie doesn’t, I won’t have a hard time.  Sana lang they will both be good kids during the flight tomorrow and the flight back home.  I still will be traveling alone with them because Dean is taking a different airline.  Sobrang mahal if we take the same airline coming home eh.

The second reason why I’m a bit apprehensive about going to Manila is the fact that I haven’t finished making my grades and list of failures are due on the 8th and we’re flying back home on the 7th.  I’ve checked all my exams, but I still have a few test papers and projects to check.  Plus I have a research work going on and I’m just in the data analysis stage.  I guess I just have to do all that I can before I go… bahala na si Batman! 

Another thing is, I’m not so comfortable with the thought that I’m going to Manila on such short notice – with the kids in tow pa!  I’m very OC and I rarely do something like this (going on a trip) without having planned it in advance.  For instance, we are planning to spend about a month in Iloilo this April-May since I won’t be teaching, and I’ve already lined up activities for the kids (trips to Museo Iloilo and old churches, art activities, etc).  

But I guess this trip is really meant to be.  At such short notice I was able to get discounted plane tickets although I only booked 3 days before the scheduled trip.  So far, everything is falling into place.  I just hope things will go as planned tomorrow.  Or maybe I do need to lighten up and not make plans na lang and just enjoy this spur-of-the-moment trip with my family.