I find myself writing again, after a long time of being silent.  I need an outlet and what better way to release all my pent up emotions than to write?  I have this blog after all, and it is just here, gathering dust.  Nobody probably reads it anymore.  I am not as prolific as I used to be, thanks to my heavy workload.  Nonetheless, writing is cathartic, and so I blog.


It hurts to be physically separated from the one I love.  I long to feel his arms around me, to have him hug me tight, and tell me sweet nothings.

I know that this separation is not going to last long, that soon, we will be together.  For now, I must endure.  I must feel the pain of not having him beside me.

I know that this is for our good, that I supported his career move because in the end, it will bring us closer to our dreams.  But for now, I must be patient.  I have to go about my daily activities, carrying them out as if I feel just bright and breezy.  I can’t be sulky and moody all the time because I have to think about my kids and about him, too.

I know that he, too, is feeling the pain of our separation.  Yet, I must be strong for him.  I must put on a brave face and tell him that things will be okay.  That we will have our chance to be together soon.

For now, we bear our burdens and wait.