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I’m caught in between my best friend and two other very good friends who are not in speaking terms right now.  It’s not easy to speak the truth, but someone has to say it.  The gap has widened and no one is taking the first step to bridge it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but this has gone on for too long.  I feel for my best friend.  I can’t stand seeing her hurt and in the dark about what’s being said about her.

Now that the truth is out, all we can do is wait.  Whatever the reaction of the others may be, I think it’s still a win-win situation.  Because even if the truth hurts, it still sets everyone free – including those who don’t want to hear it.


It’s official – we are now Metro Manila residents.  After a year of planning and anticipation, we finally made the big move.  I found it easy to decide to leave my job and my friends, but it was very hard to leave the parents.  I worry for them, especially because they are both getting old and Nanay still has not regained her full functionality.

For the last two weeks, the kids and I have spent most of our days cooped up in the apartment. They stay in bed, play, or watch TV, while I do motherly stuff – i.e., cook, clean, wash clothes, fix the apartment.  Since I rarely got the chance to do these home economics activities while we were in Bacolod (thanks to our very capable helper), I’m actually enjoying this.  🙂

I’m supposed to start work next week, but my contract hasn’t been finalized yet, so I’m given more time to spend with the kids.  No big deal.  I’m happy that I can still be here for them, if only for one more week.  Because the minute work starts, I know that my attention will be divided – into three!  That’s Dean, the kids, and work.  For now, I’m just enjoying being a mom and wife.  I’m happy to see my husband every day.  I’m happy that after a long day at work, he can come home to a hot meal and a family that he can enjoy eating the meal with.

Enzo asked me the other day, “Is our apartment a house or a home?”  I told him, a home is a place where everybody loves each other and where there is happiness.  No matter how small this space of ours may be, I still know that this is a home.