I’ve decided to end my Facebook hiatus.  Over the last two weeks that I deactivated my account, I had the following realizations:

1.  No one can make me sad or angry unless I give them the power to do so.  Just as no one can make me truly happy unless I am happy with myself, with what I have, with my own life.  I can’t force people to like me, but I can make myself think of what is good in me – and also of what is good in others.

2.  I can choose how I get affected by people around me.  I can’t control what people will say about me or my family, but I can choose to ignore negative comments and focus instead on the positive and uplifting ones.

3.  I really need to manage my expectations.  Sometimes I expect too much of people and place on them the same expectations I put on myself.  Sometimes I expect people to behave in a certain way because that is how I was raised to believe.  I’ve realized that a lot of my B.S. (belief systems!) have been deeply ingrained in me that I seem to think that the universe operates the way I think it should…pero hindi pala!

4.  I have so much to be thankful for – a loving husband who accepts me for who I am and who is not perfect but loves an imperfect me; two bright, loving and talented kids who think the world of me; parents who support me in everything I undertake; and two smart siblings who are not just my blood relations but my truest friends as well. And of course my good friends who are always there for me.  Truly I am blessed and I should not complain. 🙂

This Easter season is not just about celebrating the Resurrected Christ.  More than rejoicing, it is also a time for us Christians to renew our lives because we who are risen with Christ must focus on things above, and not on things below.  Easter teaches us not to focus on sorrow, pain, and death.  It tells us that beyond the bad, the negative, and the painful, there is a resurrection; there is light, goodness, and joy.

I just pray that no matter what the circumstance I find myself in, I will always go back to these Easter realizations and dwell on those things above – the good, the positive, the uplifting.