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I’m caught in between my best friend and two other very good friends who are not in speaking terms right now.  It’s not easy to speak the truth, but someone has to say it.  The gap has widened and no one is taking the first step to bridge it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but this has gone on for too long.  I feel for my best friend.  I can’t stand seeing her hurt and in the dark about what’s being said about her.

Now that the truth is out, all we can do is wait.  Whatever the reaction of the others may be, I think it’s still a win-win situation.  Because even if the truth hurts, it still sets everyone free – including those who don’t want to hear it.


If there’s one thing that UP students never forget it’s their student numbers. 

My husband had a meeting with UP-Visayas alumni last night and he brought me along.  Although I’m from UP Diliman, I knew some people there because of hubby and my sis who also studied in UPV-Miagao.  We were asked to introduce ourselves by saying our name, our student number, and our course.  It was fun because no one seemed to forget their student number (the first two of which indicate what year you entered UP).  The youngest alumnus had a student number beginning with 00 and the oldest had a student number beginning with 87 (mine starts with 92).  It was fun meeting kindred spirits.  I don’t know, but there’s a strong bond between UP students – even those coming from different campuses.  I guess there is something unique about the UP experience that just makes us understand each other – whether we come from Diliman, Miagao, Iloilo City or any other campus.