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I’m thinking of working out today.  My body is begging to go to the gym because I started on a new program last Monday and I need to follow through on this new routine.  My thighs are aching and the only way to take away the pain is to subject it to more pain! Does that make sense?  Anyway, I really want to go to the gym, but then I’m thinking of the work I need to do.  I need to finish some overdue tasks (really overdue!).  Hmmm…what to do, what to do? 

Dean isn’t here this week, he’s in Iloilo again and I don’t have someone to kulit about what I should do. Hehe.  I MISS MY HUBBY ALREADY! And he only left yesterday and will be back on Saturday pa.  😦

Okay, I still can’t make up my mind…although I did bring work out gear. Maybe I will just do cardio workout… just so I can sweat it out.  I need a fresh rush of endorphins so I would feel good.  As usual, my day at work was a day of agony for me. 

But! Here’s good news!  I followed up on my application and I was told that they are SERIOUSLY considering me for the position, BUT they can’t give me the final decision yet because their hiring board still has to meet and decide on my application.  But they were quite positive that they want me. I just have to submit some documents and take some psychological tests.  So there, maybe my luck is turning after all.

And oh, Hubby will be going to Manila this Thursday (that’s tomorrow na pala!) for a panel interview.  I guess this is for his promotion na.  I do hope he gets promoted.  I know he’s been dying to get this position for sometime now.  And he’s been working hard for it.  So blog friends, I need your prayers for me and my hubby.

Lord, please give me that job… and please give Dean his promotion, too! 🙂


After a 10 day break from working out (because hubby went to Iloilo and I was too lazy to go by myself), I went back to the gym today.  I spent 15 mins on the bike and 20 mins on the Elliptical.  After that, crunches to get rid of my bilbil.  And then I went through my weight training routine for the chest, shoulders, and back.

I’ve lost most of the weight I put on while pregnant, but I think I won’t get abs like JLo – ever. 😦  But! That’s not gonna stop me from working out because I really like the feeling of being fit and trim.  And because I want to be healthy so I could live to see my grandchildren wed.  Besides, exercise is a good stress buster and it’s supposed to improve one’s sex life. 😉  So now, here I am with aching muscles, tired but feeling good.  Must be those endorphins!