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I’ve been thinking, why does everyone in Manila always seem to be in a rush?  When I take the MRT and LRT everyday, I see commuters walking a mile a minute.  I don’t know if they are just late for work or for an appointment, or they just don’t want others to get ahead.

Oftentimes, I find myself walking as fast as they do or even running to get to the turnstile first even if I’m not really late.  It’s as if being in a hurry is contagious.  But what are we in a hurry for?

Why do we have to be the first on the train or the first off the train?  Why do we have to be the first at the turnstile or the first at the ticket counter? Why do we push and jostle and weave our way through people on the escalator ?  Are we really that worried about the precious seconds we lose if we just stand still and let the escalator take us to the top? Or maybe, we simply don’t want other people to be ahead of us.

Sometimes I just get to thinking, is getting there FIRST that important? Isn’t getting there what matters the most?